Western Region - Category A, B and C senior high schools

western region category A, B and C SHS

As of 2021, there are a total of 70 public senior high schools and technical and vocational second cycle institutions in Ghana as contained in the updated schools register released today 24th November 2021 by the GES.

In this article:

  1. Update on the 2021 Senior High School Register
  2. Category A, B and C Senior High Schools in Western Region
  3. Video - 2021 School Selection Guidelines
  4. Special Boarding Schools for 2021 Schools Selection


2021 Senior High Schools Register Update

  1. One hundred and thirty-nine (139) TVETS institutions previously under various ministries have been added
  2. Appendix 1: contains Detailed Technical and Vocational Education and Training Service (TVETS) programmes
  3. Appendix 2: contains detailed subjects of the Technical Programmes in the Sec/Tech. institutions
  4. Appendix 3: contains Special Boarding Schools for the Sixth (6th) Choice
  5. Appendix 4: contains a list of Special Education Division (SPED) Schools
  6. Sample choice: Some examples of correct and wrong choice patterns
  7. Some schools have been moved to different Categories (Recategorized)


Category A Schools in the Western Region

Archbishop Porter Girls Girls D/B
Fijai Senior High Mixed D/B
Ghana SHTS Boys D/B
Sekondi College Mixed D/B
St. John's SHS, Sekondi Boys D/B


Category B Schools in the Western Region

Adiembra Senior High Mixed D/B
Ahantaman Girls' Senior High Girls D/B
Amenfiman Senior High Mixed D/B
Benso SHTS Mixed D/B
Bompeh Senior High./Tech Mixed Day
Daboase SHTS Mixed D/B
Esiama SHTS Mixed D/B
Half Assini Senior High Mixed D/B
Nsein Senior High Mixed D/B
Shama Senior High Mixed D/B
St. Mary's Boys' SHS, Apowa Boys D/B
Tarkwa Senior High Mixed D/B


Category C Schools in the Western Region

Annor Adjaye Senior High Mixed D/B
Asankrangwa Senior High Mixed D/B
Asankrangwa SHTS Mixed D/B
Axim Girls Senior High Girls D/B
Baidoo Bonso SHTS Mixed D/B
Bonzo-Kaku Senior High Mixed D/B
Diabene SHTS Mixed D/B
Fiaseman Senior High Mixed D/B
Gwiraman Comm.Senior High Mixed Day
Huni Valley Senior High Mixed D/B
Methodist Senior High, Sekondi Mixed Day
Mpohor Senior High Mixed D/B
Nkroful Agric. Senior High Mixed D/B
Prestea SHTS Mixed D/B
Sankor Comm. Day School Mixed Day
St. Augustine's Senior High,
Mixed D/B
Takoradi Senior High Mixed D/B
Uthman Bin Afam SHS Mixed D/B


Video - 2021 Schools Selection Guidelines Akan/Twi Version

Visit SHS SCHOOLS IN GHANA. for location, courses and more details using a search tool. Easy and simple.


Special Boarding Schools for Your 6th Choice

In the updated schools register for 2021, the GES has included a list of 120 senior high schools considered to have special boarding facilities among which you can select one for your 6th Choice as a boarding student.

Read more on Appendix 3 List of Schools – 2021 Senior High School Selection


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