Appendix 3 List of Schools - 2021 Senior High School Selections PDF download

2021 second cylce schools register - appendix 3 schools

Special Boarding Schools for 6th Choice School

The 2021 Senior High Schools Selection register has just been updated and released today 24th November 2021 by the GES.

The new schools' register has some very important updates that all BECE candidates, their parents, and teachers must take note of.

What are Appendix 3 special senior high boarding schools?

For the 2021 school selection, GES has included a new list of 120 senior high schools called special boarding schools. This is an interesting development because many students desire to go to a boarding senior high school.

This new addition means that BECE candidates can select their 6th Choice of school from this list of special boarding schools (APPENDIX 3) and still select a boarding residence status, not just a day option.

Download the Appendix 3 Special Boarding Schools 2021 PDF

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2021 Schools Selection Guideline Video


SHS School Selection Appendix Documents PDF

For the senior high school selection process some students may need to refer to some special appendix documents which usually will contain a list of schools with special programmes of study. Below we describe the various appendix documents you can download.


Appendix 1 - Public Technical & Vocational Schools and Courses 2021

This appendix is the special register of courses for public technical and vocational and training institutions in Ghana for second cycle education.

The list comprises 20 technical and vocational second cycles schools also popular known as TVET.

These technical and vocational courses are grouped into four major areas with specific subject areas as listed below:

Engineering Trades

  1. Autobody Works             
  2. Motor Vehicle Engineering          
  3. Welding And Fabrication Technology     
  4. Diesel Mech/Heavy Engine, Heavy Duty
  5. Industrial Mechanics     
  6. Mechanical Engineering Technology       
  7. Small Eng. Repair             
  8. Electrical Engineering Technology            
  9. Electrical Machine/Motor Rewinding     
  10. Agricultural Mechanization Technology 
  11. Refrigeration & Air-Condition Technology            
  12. Electronics Engineering
  13. Printing
  14. Computer Hardware Technology              
  15. Information Technology
  16. Business Systems Technology    
  17. Computer Networking (CBT Option, For Girls Only)          
  18. Software Development (CBT Option, For Girls Only)         
  19. Database Management (CBT Option, For Girls Only)        
  20. Digital Designing Technology     
  21. Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Building Trades

  1. Creative Art Technology               
  2. Plumbing & Gas Fitting Technology         
  3. Furniture Design & Construction              
  4. Upholstery        
  5. Wood Construction Technology
  6. Building Construction Technology            
  7. Architectural Drafting    
  8. Building Construction Technology (CBT Option)
  9. Biodigester Construction (CBT Option)

Hospitality & Fashion Trades

  1. Cosmetology    
  2. Fashion Designing Technology   
  3. Hospitality & Catering Management       
  4. General Textiles              
  5. Visual Communication Technology

Business Trades

  1. Business Secretarial       
  2. Business Accounting
  3. Business Information Technology

Download Public Technical & Vocational School Courses 2021 PDF


Appendix 2 - Elective Subject & Courses of Senior HIgh Technical Schools (SHTS) 2021

This appendix 2 document list all senior high schools in Ghana that also offer technical and vocational courses. 

Senior High Technical Schools are schools in Ghana that offer both traditional and non-technical high school courses as well also some technical and vocational courses.

This document contains a total of 182 senior high technical schools with their respective courses offered.

Some SHTS Technical Courses offered are:

  1. Applied Electricity 
  2. Woodwork
  3. Auto Mechanics
  4. Building Construction
  5. Metalwork
  6. Elective Mathematics
  7. Technical Drawing
  8. Auto Mechanic
  9. Building Construction Technology
  10. Building Drawing
  11. Technical Drawing
  12. Building And Construction           

Download Senior High Technical (SHTS) Courses 2021 PDF


Appendix 4 - List of Senior High Schools with facilities for special education

This appendix 4 pdf document lists in total 9 senior high schools that have facilities that can cater to the needs of the hearing and visually impaired students.

The table below shows the schools, their location, district, region, and subject.

Download SHS with facilities for the visually & hearing impaired 2021 PDF

List of senior high schools for the visually and hearing impaired - Ghana
1 Okuapeman Senior High School Akropong Akuapem North Eastern Visually
2 Mampong Akuapem Senior High/Technical School Mampong Akuapem Akuapem North Eastern Hearing Impaired
3 Ghana National College Cape Coast Cape Coast Metro Central Visually Impaired
4 Adidome Senior High School Adidome Central Tongu Volta Visually Impaired
5 Mawuli School Ho Ho Municipal Volta Visually Impaired
6 Wenchi Meth. Senior High Wenchi Wenchi Municipal Bono Visually Impaired
7 Sirigu Senior High School Sirigu  Kasena-Nankana West Upper East Visually Impaired
8 St. John's Integrated Senior High/Technical School Tono Kasena-Nankana Municipal Upper East Hearing Impaired
9 Wa Senior High School Wa Wa Municipal Upper West Visually Impaired

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