List of Senior High Schools in Ghana and their Categories pdf 2021

SHS and categories 2021

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  1. Senior High Schools register update notes
  2. The download of category A, B and C schools list
  3. Video Guideline for school selection 2021 by GES
  4. Conditions for selection of schools
  5. DOs and DONTs on senior high school selections

SHS Categories 2021 UPDATED 

This information was updated today, 24th November 2021 to reflect the newly released 2021 schools selection register.

GES has released a new 2021 register of courses for public senior high, technical and vocational institutions.

This pdf document contains the most current 2021 schools and their categories.

  • A key highlight in the 2021 second cycle schools register is what is known as the special boarding schools. These schools are placed in Appendix 3.

Any new updates will be added, just come back to Download the PDF below.


Updates Added for 2021

  1. One hundred and thirty-nine (139) TVETS institutions previously under various ministries have been added                               
  2. Appendix 1: contains Detailed Technical and Vocational Education and Training Service (TVETS) programmes                               
  3. Appendix 2: contains detailed subjects of the Technical Programmes in the Sec/Tech. institutions                              
  4. Appendix 3: contains Special Boarding Schools for the Sixth (6th) Choice                
  5. Appendix 4: contains a list of Special Education Division (SPED) Schools                      
  6. Sample choice: Some examples of correct and wrong choice patterns
  7. Some schools have been moved to different Categories (Recategorized)


BECE School Selection List PDFs below:

Download by clicking on the link below

Note on Category D Download

You do not need to download category D because it is just a combination of all schools in categories A, B and C, but which has only a DAY OPTION.

Go to our download page for more download options:


VIDEO - Guidelines for 2020 School Selection English Version

Important Information

  • Public senior high schools are majorly grouped into four namely categories A, B, C and D.
  • Meanwhile, category D schools are all category A, B, and C schools with the option to be a DAY STUDENT only
  • Category E comprises all 2nd cycle schools that offer Technical/ Vocational Programmes
  • Private Senior High Schools are categorized into Category F
  • Private Technical/ Vocational 2nd Cycle Schools are categorized into category G
  • From 2020 All Technical/ Vocational Institutions have also been categorized into A, B and C and added to the list of SHS/ SHTS


 List of Senior High Schools in Ghana and their categories PDF 2019

Conditions for selection of schools 2021 UPDATED

With guidance and assistance from parents/ guardians and school authorities, candidates:

  1. A candidate must select in total 6 choices of schools as released for the 2021 selection.
  2. You must choose five (5) Schools, that is your 1st to 5th choices from Category A, B, C and D.
  3. Your five choices of school must be in your order of preference. This simply means the school you like first should be listed first, in that order.
  4. You must select programmes and accommodation status in each school of choice. This means that for each school you select indicate on the form the course you want to do and whether you want to be a day or boarding student.
  5. You cannot select more than 1 school from Category A. This means you can select only 1 from Category A schools.
  6. You can select only two schools from Category B.
  7. You can select all your 5 choices from Category C
  8. You must select a compulsory day school as your 6th Choice from Category D.
  9. Alternatively, you can select your 6th Choice School from Appendix 3 with an option for Boarding
  10. If you wish to pursue purely technical or vocational programmes you must select all six (6) TVET School Choices from Category A, B and C
  11. Important Appendix 3 is a new addition that contains special boarding schools according to the GES. You are free to select only your 6th Choice with boarding option from this list.

For more details on each school go to SCHOOLS 

BECE School Selection DOs and DONTs

The GES highlights the following as some of the things candidates should consider doing and not doing during the selection and placement processes.

The DOs 

  1. Pay close attention to all your selected senior high school choices
  2. You must ensure your selected school choices are listed in the order you prefer them
  3. You must ensure that your selected Compulsory Day Option is within your catchment area, not too far from your place of residence so you can move to and fro the school in case you are placed in your 5th choice.
  4. Let you parents, or as a parent or guardian you should take an active interest in the selection of your child's schools
  5. You and your parents should consult your teacher or school heads to obtain a true understanding of your chances of gaining admission to a particular school based on your performance.
  6. If you prefer purely technical courses, ensure to check the school register to verify that the schools you select offer your desired programmes. These are Category E list of senior high schools.



  1. Do not leave the selection of your school choices to someone without your express involvement.
  2. Do not leave school choices to an internet cafe attendant in the case of self-placement.
  3. Do not assume that you can choose a senior high school as a Day Student and switch to Boarding SHS upon admission.
  4. Do not assume that you can choose a ‘less competitive’ programme at any school and switch to a ‘more competitive’ one upon admission.
  5. Do not choose schools based on where your friends are going or what programmes they want to read.

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