Fameye’s Story and Rise Is A Sensation Don’t Pull Him Down

myshsrank | July 1, 2019 |

Why do some people take pride in pulling others down for their greed and selfish gains?

Where were those detractors when this young champ was struggling, refining his talents from high school, moving from studio to studio, to placing second on Viasat One's TV reality show ‘Born Stars’, and now his rising with the hit song “Nothing I Get”.

The young talent, Fameye, has come a long way pushing his dreams, and the least we can do as a people, bloggers, promoters, and management is to push such a sensational talent to reach his peak.

Rather than jumping quickly to publish a post, it is also good journalism and practice to do a little more investigation to ascertain certain facts.


Watching the video, the young and forceful talent raised some very important questions, which should rather be the point of discussion, not his frustration that he vented on his management.

Ironically the very video on which they claim Famaye slapped his manager speaks volume in the defends of the young talent.

The question all well-meaning Ghanaians and lovers of the art and music need to ask is: per the video did Fameye really slapped his manager or slapped the phone that was being used to record him?

One will also ask, what was the intention to start recording the conversation even before the argument? Is this not a conspiracy theory in practice!

Did those who created the fabricated headline watch the video themselves? Or they were playing the devil’s advocate?

Its high time we stop stooping low in our actions and support people. When they go wrong, yes, of course, we should reprimand but not when there is absolutely nothing to reprimand for.

At the time of publishing this post, myshsrank.com observed that Fameye has taken to Facebook to apologize even to something he has not done, even as the comments from his fans suggest. Is that arrogance or humility?

Fameye facebook post

If you are reading this and you’ve not likes his social media page yet, please go show love to the young talent!

Let encourage young people who defile all the difficulties and odds to rise! Keep rising Fameye, men are not God. Remain true to yourself.

Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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