Your Destiny Is Too Precious To Waste - GHANATA Students Admonished

June 29, 2019

 The Sexual Purity Campaign was an educative and interactive outreach programme organized by Passion Bearers Worldwide in Ghanata Senior High School.

The event which took place on the 14th and 15th of June, 2019 was held in collaboration with to educate the Students on the effect of sexual immorality and the need for them to live a chaste life. Minister John Bosco, the Executive Director of PBW was the main speaker during the campaign.

His presentation enlightened the students on the five gates of life. He said these gates can serve as an avenue for demonic operation, ungodly covenants and exchanges etc. as a result of pre-marital sexual activities.

Speaking on the eye gate, he cautioned the students to be mindful of what they watch in recent times, especially on social media. The students were cautioned to be mindful of their activities on social media and to desist from watching sexually explicit videos such as pornography, nude videos etc. He said these videos causes addiction and negative mindset leading to premarital sex and teenage pregnancy, among other consequences. 

Min. John Bosco also spoke about the ear gate. He urged the students to be cautious of the kind of music they listen to and peers they converse with. He reiterated that students should listen to motivational songs which have a positive effect on the mind rather than profane songs which invites demonic spirit into their life. The students were also advised on the kind of conversations they have with peers since bad company corrupts good morals.  

The campaign got more interactive when he spoked about the other gates i.e. the touch, taste and smell gate. He said these are the other sensitivity aspects of a person. He also advised the students concerning relationships and dating. The student were urged not to be hasty to be in a relationship with the opposite sex but rather focus much on their education and building godly friendships. 

Furthermore, he emphasized that students should avoid engaging in social vices such as sexual immorality and other activities which may derail their future since their destiny is too precious to be wasted. He admonished the students to have a close relationship with God to overcome youthful challenges.

The campaign came to an end on the evening of Saturday, 15th June, 2019 with worship, strategic prayers, and praises. 165 students gave their life to Christ.

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Source: Myshsrank | Koranteng Isaac

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