Why is senior high school all about love?

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 Have you ever thought of a question in this nature, after tertiary education there are elements of the education process that keeps memories and mostly tied to interaction colleagues, teachers, principal, teaching and non-teaching stuffs and student leadership. Senior high school not only about love but includes football games, spirit weeks, school clubs, studying really hard to pass your finals.

The senior high school have students ranging in the teens age thirteen to eighteen years and this constitute the adolescent cycle of every human development process. This stage is about maturing, learning and living with new others as well as exploring new opportunities and interest.

At this student have the feel of affection towards themselves, their psychology is triggered towards expecting care and love from friends and related families, and they feel the urge to be known and moved with attention.

Senior high school have the urge and bragging rights of their schools irrespective of their category or position of recognition, whiles others have hate for their schools on basics of treatment which easily can be handled.

Senior high school, well is not all about love but love itself is just a crucial part of it because it a stage for making lifelong friends, going for study sessions which also includes prepping together, attending assemblies, fellowshipping together (with various religions on campus), sports competition, inter-houses competition, inter-schools, inter-zonal and various activities.

One of the major unifying signatory of love in senior high school is "dinning", an experience that supervise the eating habits of student of their same sex or the other sex group in a homogenous manner.

It has thrilled of traditions and practices that are performed and passed unto fresh students. A practice of the “Nino’s Night” coined separating with different naming according to the school, a program to welcome new students to the school and in most cases are dressed in a disguised way to have fun on this day.

They show great potentials and talents during this celebration. A practice of writing names on walls and buildings in the school to serve as a means of identification when old students return to the school after several years fosters a sense of relevant of the process of belonging in their minds.

There has been the argument that these activities are done in the tertiary so what makes the difference. All the argument will bore down to the participation level of the programs, students in the senior high school are massively involved in the process and hence since it is their maturing stage they do not attach much ego or over-self-awareness to the various events organized by the school authorities.

It is trickled with some level of back-biting and theft but does not take away the sharing nature of students in senior high school. There are many things that bind love in senior high school as compared to any other educational level 

Contributor: Myshsrank | Source: Matey Bless
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