WAEC Ranking 2020 - What you need to know?

waec ranking 2020

Is there WASSCE Ranking 2020?

Not yet. In 2020, there is no official release of WAEC or WASSCE ranking of all senior high schools in Ghana as was the case in 2019.

Almost every year, the Ghana Education Service releases the full list of WASSCE performance by schools, detailing each SHS, the number of candidates presented, the number who passed, and the percentage pass.

Each year, students, parents, and alumni are interested in knowing how well their schools and dream SHS performed. Unfortunately, up until now, the GES has not made public that data for WASSCE 2020 ranking.

The only most recent WASSCE ranking is based on the 2019 performance data, which mostly will not be much different from the 2020 performance data.

Here on myshsrank.com we have a full list of the WASSCE 2019 ranking well organized according to regions.

Click on WASSCE RANKING 2019 to browse more.

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