UNIVERSITY OF GHANA :B.Sc Agriculture Animal Science


Animal Science deals with the scientific production and management of animals with an emphasis on animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics and growth. Apart from dealing with the sound foundation in the science upon which the production of animals depends, Animal Science also integrate the business and support services in the animal industry.

The challenges and issues that affect the animal industry in the wider social and economic context are also considered. The B.Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science) programme equips students with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to work on farms or to obtain positions in the livestock industry or related fields.


At the end of the programme, students are expected to:
• Understand the fundamental tenets of animal science disciplines including genetics, growth and development, meat science and technology, nutrition, feeds and feeding, anatomy, basic and environmental physiology and reproduction.

• Understand the scientific method and design of experiments to test hypotheses and as such experience the process of discovery.

• Be able to critically analyse and evaluate information relevant to animal behaviour.

• Integrate knowledge from various science and nonscience disciplines to effectively conduct animal operations.


Animal agriculture globally is highly dynamic. In developing countries, it is being modernised in response to rapidly increasing demand for livestock products whereas in developed countries, demand for livestock products is stagnating.

As a discipline and a practice, Animal Science is focusing more on efficient production practices, animal welfare and alternative production methods. This focus is in response to increasing demands by consumers who prefer safe, nutritious food, produced through acceptable and sustainable practices


Students are assessed through a combination of assignments, examinations and projects.

Lectures, class discussion and practical tutorials.


Career opportunities in Animal Sciences range from selfemployment to public, private and educational sectors.

Career opportunities include: animal breeding and genetics, animal nutrition, animal health, veterinary science, and farm and rangeland management. Other career opportunities for graduates are also found in management, training, sales, human resources, communications and production agriculture.

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