St. Peters headmaster sets up barbering salon on campus to deal with 'rastafarians'


Ben Afrifa, the Global President of St. Peters Old Boys Association has disclosed that there are no rastafarians in the student body of his alma mater.

He said the current headmaster has instilled discipline among the students by ensuring that everybody conforms to the rules and regulations.

In a statement released to the media on the current debate of admitting rastafarians into senior high schools, Mr. Afrifa said the headmaster of St. Peters has even set up a barbering salon on campus.

“What is clear is that the current headmaster has instilled much stronger discipline, including, among others, a barbering salon in the school where students with non-approved hair styles are converted into clean shaven student haircuts", he said.

He also disclosed that though the school has admitted some rasta wearing students in the past, the circumstances might have been different to the current one at Achimota School.


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