SHS Student Creates Solution to Solve Ghana’s dumsor Problem Forever


Abanga Adbul, a student at the Ghana senior high school tamale and a member of the energy efficiency and conservation club has created a proposed self-home empowering solution using the windmill power.

He stated that the wind is a common resource in Ghana and hence the availability is always constant.



In a video report sighted by on the Instagram handle of Facts and Truths, the young man indicated that he created the model house with cardboard, DC motor, wire and LED bulb

Also, he lamented over the issue of dumsor as headache for every Ghanaian and indicated that, the problem is due to the pressure on the hydro-electricity demand, so therefore migrating to the windmill will ease that pressure and provide efficiency for Gridco to supply handful number of people

The installation of the windmill will be done once and further explained that Ghanaians do not have to pay monthly bills or any cost for renewal.

Contributor: Myshsrank | Source: Matey Bless
Education SHS

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