Senior High Schools in Ashanti Region

schools in ashanti region

Ashanti Region - Public & Private SHS

The Ashanti region has 134 senior high schools (public SHS) in Ghana, making it the region with the highest number of public SHS. This number includes five (5) public technical and vocational second cycle institutions.

Senior High Schools (Public SHS) are generally grouped into three major categories A, B, and C. Category A Schools are considered the top and well-performing schools. As of 2020 per the GES 2nd cycle school’s register, only 55 public SHS falls into this category.

Also, there are 62 Private Senior High Schools in Ghana as of 2020, in the Ashanti region. The list of the schools can be found at Ashanti Region Private Senior High Schools

There are 7 schools in the Ashanti Region that currently falls into category A schools:

  1. St. Louis Senior High, Kumasi
  2. Kumasi High School
  3. Opoku Ware Senior High
  4. Prempeh College
  5. T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Kumasi
  6. Yaa Asantewaa Girls SHS
  7. Kumasi Technical Institute

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Ashanti Region Technical & Vocational Schools

The region has four (4) public Technical & Vocational second-cycle institutions offering pure technical courses for students who are interested. These four are:

  1. Kumasi Technical Institute
  2. Krobea Asante Tech/ Vocational Institute
  3. Methodist Technical Institute
  4. St. Michael Tech/ Vocational Institute

The region also has Private technical & Vocational Institutions. There are currently 13 of these schools as captured in the 2020 GES SHS Schools register. These are:

  1. Mancells Vocational & Training Center
  2. Catholic Tech. Institute, Kumasi
  3. St. Peter's Girls Voc. Institute
  4. Opoku Ware Girls Voc.
  5. Ramseyer Voc. Inst., Kumasi
  6. Agona Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  7. Our lady's Adult Edu. Centre
  8. Kwamo Comm. Dev. Tech. Ins
  9. Opportunities Industrialization centre
  10. Bekwai Comm Dev. Voc. Inst.
  11. Amoafo Technical / Vocational Institute
  12. Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Contributor: Py Sosu Source: GES Annual Digest (2019/2020)