Senior High School Orientations - The Do's and Dont's Officially Underscored

The formal tradition passed on from generations of the second-cycle education named “Orientation” has been a great experience in our senior high schools across the length and breadth of Ghana.

It is mostly a one week of intensive work on knowing everything a fresher needs to arm him or herself through the fields of academic, sports, entertainment and his or her entire life on campus.

The school tries as much as possible to inculcate the tradition of the school from discipline, hard work, study and good social life into the new students. You are told what your course entails and the class to find yourself. This is a great experience but on a lighter note a boredom with prayers for the one week to soon end.

The whole day you have to be sited under the auspices of your teachers, and to – and – fro they come to speak to you.

If you have ever lost this opportunity, it takes time to just to the school’s system, and one will need a cheerful friend as a coach to walk through.

The practice mostly ends with a thanksgiving service, and in some cases election of some fresh students as class prefects.

Some leadership and other talents qualities are spotted in some of the fresh students for future service to the school.

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