Secret Why Aburi Girls Love PRESEC Boys Revealed

It is common to see most of the single-sex schools have an association with some other opposite sex school. Like Mfantsipim crushing on Mfantsiman Girls.

Today we reveal a simple reason behind the love shared between the ABUGISS and their male counterparts PRESEC Legon. Why both don’t prefer any other schools as their counterparts?

Now the Secret:
We all know that PRESEC was established by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana somewhere in 1938 as an all-boys secondary boarding school.

Aburi Girls PRESEC Legon

Fast track eight years after, in 1946 the same Presbyterian Church established Aburi Girls Senior High school, also as an all-girls Presbyterian boarding school.

This simple fact establishes the reasons the ABUGISS and DADEƐ are easily lover birds especially during their days in school. They are twins separated into two campuses, so it’s understandable they click easily.

They often hold some exciting programs and activities together to celebrate their love stories, or better still to share a brotherly and sisterly love and allegiance.

Aburi Girls Presec - PREGISS

One of their best events is PREGISS Games and Fair.

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Contributor: myshsrank | Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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