Rastafarian boy and siblings get 6 scholarships after some SHSs rejected them

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- Tyrone Marguay and his siblings have been offered half a dozen scholarships

- The Marguy siblings were denied admission into some SHSs in the country over their dreadlocks - Meanwhile, NAGRAT urged the Rastafarian fraternity to build their schools.

- Meanwhile, NAGRAT urged the Rastafarian fraternity to build their schools

Half a dozen schools including international institutions have offered admissions “unconditionally” to one of the Rastafarian students refused entry by Achimota School.

Tyrone Marguay was denied admission by authorities at the Achimota School over his dreadlocks. He can only be admitted into the institution if he cuts his hair. Tyrone, Myjoyonline reported received unconditional admissions including full scholarships plus meals with his siblings—Nikita and Amrita Marhguy.

The sisters who were admitted by St. John’s Grammar School were also asked to cut down their hair amid heightened pressure on the institution’s authority from Old Students to withdraw the admissions of the girls if they failed to trim their dreadlocks.

“We do believe that no student should be denied education," authorities of one of the schools giving the Rastafarian kids admission said on condition of anonymity.

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) came out strong against the Rastafarian society in Ghana. According to the president of the Association, Angel Carbonou, if the Rastafarians want their wards to keep their hair, then they should set up their schools. He added that he does not know why the Rastafarians for a long time now do not have a school of their own.

"I don't even know why the Rastafarians don't have their schools, because they've been in this country [Ghana] for a very long time," Carbonou said during a press conference on Monday. In a new revelation by Blakk Rasta, after a crunch meeting with the headmistress of Achimota School, they were briefed that the GES has changed its mind on the issue.

He disclosed on Zylofon FM that he had attended the meeting with the parents of the students only to receive that information.


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