Odorgonno SHS returns form 3 students back Home


Management of the Ghana education service (GES) in press released on 31st March 2021, outlining the date for the Easter break, and indicated that school resumes 6th April after the break.

It also indicated that all SHS 3 students are expected to resume their second session of the first semester academic works on Wednesday 7th April, 2021.

As student of odorgonno senior high school are deprived entry into the school. Students from far and near reported in the morning at 9:am to packaged their belongings but they have been asked to return home with their items. Students are stranded and has channeled their complains to Myshsrank.com.

Some students who spoke to myshsrank.com indicated that they were informed there is no space for them and more so the form one’s students are in school.

Our information also shows that parents of this students are being informed by the school’s authorities through a voice note we chanced upon.

Though some students gave the reasons for them been returned back home, it is not clear what exactly is the reason from the position of the school’s authority.

Meanwhile the school authority has confirmed that the students will be retuning on the 5th of May 2021.

Contributor: Myshsrank | Source: Matey Bless
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