NSMQ 2021 Winners - Prempeh College Wins for the 5th Time

nsmq 2021 winners

The hottest and most anticipated grand finale of the 2021 NSMQ Championship came to a highly competitive end today, 26th November 2021.

The NSMQ 2021 finals which were held today in Kumasi the Ashanti Regional Capital saw Prempeh College triumph as the winners of the 2021 NSMQ.  Some call it, host and win!

Today’s competition was one of the most competitive as could be witnessed in the close marking of scores from all three contesting schools.

At the end of the round, the scores were so close that the competition was just yet to begin in the second round.

  • Keta Senior High Technical – 15
  • Prempeh College – 16
  • PRESEC Legon – 17

And at the end of the 5th round which also ends the contest the scores were:

  • Keta Senior High Technical– 30
  • Prempeh College – 53
  • PRESEC Legon – 49

In total this will be the 5th time Prempeh College, the Amanfo, will carry the national championship. Their first win was in 1994 which happened to be the first-ever contest of the NSMQ. This means that Prempeh was the first-time winner of the NSMQ trophy.

Their second win was in 1996 where they also came face to face with PRESEC Legon. In 2015 Prempeh College were NSMQ 2015 champions where they faced off with Opoku Ware School and Mfantsipim School.

Prempeh College also became NSMQ 2017 Champions once again when they faced off with St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School and Adisadel College.

In total this will be the 2nd time PRESEC Legon, and Prempeh College met at the grand finale of the NMSQ which is a 27-year-old national academic contest between senior high schools across Ghana organized by Primetime Production.

Meanwhile, Keta Senior High Technical made a very impressive and tremendous derby into the final as this will be the first time ever KETASCO made it into the final and leading as the first SHS the Volta Regional block to make it into the grand finale.

How many schools have won the NSMQ so far?

Winners of the NSMQ over the 27 years of the contest are listed below. As of this year 2021, there are 11 senior high schools that have won the NSMQ since its inception in 1994. Below shows the name of the schools and the years they won the national contest:

  1. Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (1995, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2020)
  2. Prempeh College (1994, 1996, 2015, 2017, 2021)
  3. St. Peter’s Senior High School (2000, 2005, 2018)
  4. Opoku Ware Senior High School (1997, 2002)
  5. Achimota Senior High (1998, 2004)
  6. Mfantsipim School (1999, 2014)
  7. St. Augustine’s College (2007, 2019)
  8. Adisadel College (2016)
  9. Ghana Secondary Technical School (2012)
  10. St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High                 (2013)
  11. Pope John Senior High, POJOBA (2001

NSMQ Senior High Schools Finalist

These are senior high schools that have ever made it to the grand final of the NSMQ without winning

In total 18 senior high schools have tasted the finals of NSMQ, however, only 11 of such schools have won at one point as indicated above. Below are seven other senior high schools that deserve resounding applause for getting into the NSMQ final.

  1. St. Francis Xavier Junior Seminary
  2. Kumasi Anglican Senior High
  3. Wesley Girls’ High School
  4. West Africa Senior High School
  5. Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High
  6. University Practice Senior High
  7. Keta Senior High Technical School


How Many Girls' schools have won NSMQ?

As of 2021 no Girls' senior high school have won the National Science and Math quiz. However, there have been tremendous showdowns and participation by some of the top girls' senior high schools.

Mfantsiman Girls Senior High and Wesley Girls Senior High both located in the Central region have made their derby into the grand finale. Wesley Girls were the first to appear in the final in the year 1999 in a contest that could best be described as a central regional national contest as it was a face-off with Mfantsipim School.

Subsequently, eight years ago, in 2013 Mfantsiman Girls came face to face with St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High and PRESEC Legon. it was the year  St. Thomas Aquinas won to become NSMQ 2013 Champions.

Congratulations to all schools making our screens and home lively with spontaneous heartbreaks and WhatsApp groups filled with rivalry.

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