NSMQ 2021: PRESEC disciplines Achimota, Chemu & Odorgonno to WIN Championship

PRESEC wins NSMQ 2021 Accra regional

The Greater Accra Regional NSMQ 2021 finals featured these top four schools who performed well in their qualifying contests leading into the regionals.

PRESEC came into this regional final as the favorite having won NSMQ 2020, and the school that has won most of the National Science & Maths Quiz than any other school. It is almost like saying PRESEC is NSMQ, and NSMQ is PRESEC.

The contest was a tough one, as almost all the schools were answering their questions back-to-back.

The scores at the end of each round were:

End of round 1:

  • Presec, Legon: 23pts
  • Chemu SHS:20pts
  • Achimota School: 19pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 06pts

End of round 2:

  • Presec, Legon: 34pts
  • Achimota School: 24pts
  • Chemu SHS:20pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 07pts


End of round 3:

  • Presec, Legon: 47pts
  • Achimota School: 31pts
  • Chemu SHS:27pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 20pts

End of contest:

  • Presec, Legon: 47pts
  • Achimota School: 37pts
  • Chemu SHS:30pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 23pts

Contributor: pysosu |
NSMQ 2021

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