NSMQ 2021: Odorgonno SHS gave PRESEC a run for their money

NSMQ 2021 Odorgonno, PRESEC

The #NSMQ2021 regional championships are on. This year’s NSMQ is quite unique and an interesting one.

For the Greater Accra regional championship, before the national contest, in the semi-finals today, the first contest of the day featured PRESEC Legon, Odorgonno SHS, and Ashaiman SHS.

Though PRESEC is the defending champions of the 2020 NSMQ Championship, and probably the favorites into today’s contest, the team from Odorgonno SHS gave them a good hot run for their money.

In fact, some believe if the contest ended one more round, Odorgonno SHS will have to prevail over PRESEC.

PRESEC triumphed over Odorgonno SHS with a 2-point difference at the end of the contest.

The results at the end of each round and contests are as follows:

End of round 1:
  • PRESEC, Legon: 26pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 11pts
  • Ashaiman SHS: 05pts
End of round 2:
  • PRESEC, Legon: 31pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 23pts
  • Ashaiman SHS: 02pts
End of round 3:
  • PRESEC, Legon: 41pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 39pts
  • Ashaiman SHS: 12pts
End of contest:
  • PRESEC, Legon: 50pts
  • Odorgonno SHS: 43pts
  • Ashaiman SHS: 12pts


All three schools still have qualified for the National Contest.

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NSMQ 2021

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