NSMQ 2021: Odorgonno SHS beats Labone & two others to qualify for next stage

NSMQ 2021
May 4, 2021
Odorgonno SHS NSMQ 2021

It is day 2 of the 2021 NSMQ and for the Greater Accra regional contest Odorgonno Senior High School featured along with Labone SHS, St. John's Grammer, and Tema Presby SHS, in the first contest of the day.

At the end of round 1, there was a pretty close gap between the contestants of Odogonno SHS and Labone SHS with a score of 25pts and 20pts respectively.

During the second round the contestants put up an impressive show where Odorgonno SHS took an impressive lead and the scores at the end of the 2nd round were:

  • Odorgonno SHS: 36pts
  • Labone SHS: 24pts
  • St. John's Grammar SHS: 17pts
  • Tema Presby SHS: 09pts

Impressively at the end of round 3, Odorgonno SHS widen their commanding lead with a 13 points increase to end the round with 49pts while the closest rival Labone scored 34pts.

NSMQ 2021

At the end of the contest Odorgonno Senior High School won the contest with scores:

End of contest:
  • Odorgonno SHS: 55pts
  • Labone SHS: 34pts
  • St. John's Grammar SHS: 28pts
  • Tema Presby SHS: 19pts

Well done, Odorgonno SHS. That was an impressive performance! #NSMQ2021 #RegionalQualifiers #Primetime

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