NSMQ 2021: Achimota SHS beats St. Thomas Aquinas in a tie to qualify

NSMQ 2021 Achimota SHS & Aquinas

The second contest of the Greater Accra regional contest featured Achimota SHS, St. Thomas Aquinas, and OLAM SHS.

It was a really interesting contest to watch. From the third round to the fourth Achimota school and St. Thomas Aquinas kept a tie throughout to the end of the contest.

At the end of the fourth round, there was no winner therefore, the quiz mistress had to announce a tie-breaker question, which St. Thomas Aquinas rung first to answer but unfortunately had the answer wrong.

Achimota took their turn and correctly answered to win the contest booking their slot in the regional championship finals tomorrow 6th May 2021.

The scores after each round were as follows:

End of round 1:
  • Achimota School: 28pts
  • St. Thomas Aquinas SHS: 14pts
  • OLAM SHS: 03pts
End of round 2:
  • Achimota School: 29pts
  • St. Thomas Aquinas SHS: 26pts
  • OLAM SHS: 05pts
End of round 3:
  • Achimota School: 33pts
  • St. Thomas Aquinas SHS: 33pts
  • OLAM SHS: 09pts
End of contest:
  • Achimota School: 39pts*
  • St. Thomas Aquinas SHS: 39pts
  • OLAM SHS: 09pts

Contributor: pysosu |
NSMQ 2021

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