NSMQ 2019: Osei Tutu SHS Sent Home By Oti Boateng SHS

The one-eight stage is soon coming to an end to pave way for a more emotion-filled quarter-final which promises more exciting brain work.

Into the contest, Osei Tutu SHS was tipped to carry the day, but as has been characterized with the contest, no school can ever again be underestimated, especially in the recent years of the contest.

At the end of the 1st round, Osei Tutu took an early lead with 14pts closely followed by Oti Boateng (OBOSS) with 10pts and Sandema SHTS with 6pts.

OTI Boateng SHS NSMQ 2019

Remarkably, Samuel and Nathaniel, the OBOSS contestants changed momentum to end the 2nd round with a wider gap while Osei Tutu fell drastically, as this was a stage that attracts a penalty. The scores at the end of the round were:

Oti Boateng SHS – 17pts
Osei Tutu SHS – 9pts
Sandema SHTS – 9ts

Osei Tutu SHS, Oti Boateng SHS, Sandema SHTS

The problem of the day could not bring any glimpse of hope but with experience and hard work the Osei Tutu team managed to close the gap with only 2 pts difference at the end of the true or false round (4th round):

Oti Boateng SHS – 24pts
Osei Tutu SHS – 22pts
Sandema SHTS – 19ts

But Oti Boateng SHS pull their trigger in the final round to win with 33pts as against 22pts for Osei Tutu and 19pts for Sandema SHTS.

Oti Boateng SHS

OBOSS win also means they take over the seeded school slot from Sandema SHTS for NSMQ 2020.

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Congratulations to all contestants for it is by the show of their brainy prowess do we all take pride.

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