NSMQ 2019: 5 Time Champs, PRESEC beats St. & Pope John’s to Qualify for Semi-Finals

Sometimes they say PRESECANS, ↃDADƐA or the blue magicians.

The blue magicians came face to face with the two powerful Johns, Pope and St. in the first quarter-finals contest of the 2019 NSMQ.

We expected nothing but the extreme and spectacular thrills from all the fixtures of this round of the NSMQ because it is actually beyond the clash of Titans.

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The anxiety, emotions, and eustress were super high, as all three schools demonstrated high IQ and eagerness to claim the day, but in the end, it was the blue magicians with an impressive win.

PRESEC Legon NSMQ 2019 Quarter finals

The scores at the end of the contest were:

PRESEC Legon – 68
Pope John SHS – 47
St. John's School - 22

PRESEC Legon has won the NSMQ title for 5 times making them the highest winners so far.

You can also find the next big fixtures here:

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Congratulations to all contestants!

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Contributor: myshsrank | Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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