GES directs Achimota School to admit Rastafarians

March 20, 2021

The Ghana Education Service has directed the Achimota School to admit Rastafarian students after the prestigious school initially denied two of such male students admission.

Ras Aswad Nkrabeah, father of one of the teenagers with dreadlocks took to Facebook to threaten a lawsuit against the prestigious public school which according to whim, maintains that its rules frown on the wearing of dreadlocks.

''Fellow comrades and friends, this morning, the school authorities of Achimota School claimed that their rules do not allow students with dreadlocks to be admitted.

“The school authorities denied two brilliant dreadlock students from being admitted after having been posted there by the Computer School Placement System. My son was one of the affected children and the other student was also refused on the same grounds,'' Mr. Nkrabeah wrote on Facebook.

He insists that his son must be allowed to keep his natural hair for cultural reasons, adding that anything short of that will be a violation of the teenager’s human rights and a disrespect to his culture.

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''My son has every right to his culture in so far as such culture do not breach the 1992 Constitution.”

He indicated in the Facebook post that if the authorities of Achimota School remain adamant on denying admission to his son after he had been posted there by the Computer School Placement System, he would fight for his son’s rights in the court of law.

"We have no option but to battle against this gross human right violation," he said.

Meanwhile, a report by the Daily Graphic says the GES which is the regulator of the Educational sector in Ghana has intervened, directing the authorities of the school to admit students wearing dreadlocks.


The Director General of the GES, Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa is quoted as saying: "We have asked the head mistress to admit the students. The student is a Rastafarian and if there is evidence to show that he is Rastafarian, all that he needs to do is to tie the hair neatly."

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