Five (5) Ways to get Apor for WASSCE 2021

WASSCE 2021 apor

As the clock is ticking for the actual examination for WASSCE 2021 to begin, some students will be on the search for means to get APOR to help in their preparation.

The first question to ask yourself is, "Is there really APOR?" and "does it really help you in any way?"

In this article, we present to you five authentic sources to get apor for your WASSCE exams. Be positive and remain calm.

#1: Solve WASSCE Past Questions

Do you think it is for no reason that the government will spend so much money to procure past questions for students? The truth is that, everywhere around the world in the academic environment revisions and revisiting past questions is always key.

This is also true as the saying goes, "there is nothing new under the sun". There are no new questions, it is the same old questions rephrased most of the time.

Past questions for all subjects are like question banks spanning several years. 

Solving past questions helps you confirm what you have learnt so far, and gives you patterns of topics that will always appear in the WASSCE.

WASSCE past questions will always give you the best clues.

Don't despair, we've all pass through the WASSCE mill before, it does not kill, it refines you for the next stage.

#2: Revise notes from your notebook

If you don't believe this, after your first paper, go back and take your notebook for that subject and see if you will not find about 80% of the answers right before your eyes.

Have you not observed that it is amazingly easy and sweet to read over your own notes, written in your own handwriting than to read from textbooks? 

The information you recorded in your notebook all these three years are one of the most vital resources you will ever need during the WASSCE season. 

If you have not realized this yet, take your notebook for any subject and pay attention to read for at least 10mins and you will come to agree to this magic.

The best APOR are all in your notebooks!

#3: Consult your textbooks

As you pre-confirm what you have learnt before the main exams, by solving past questions, you will come across some points or topics that may look new to you, or one that you have no idea about.

This is the time to quickly get your textbook, visit that topic, pay attention and make a short note to help you understand.

#4: Join an effective study group

This is an important source of getting help. Peer-to-peer discussion and learning have some magic wand, such that sometimes the explanation your classmate gives you becomes clearer than a teacher's.

Take part in any serious group studies with classmates who are focused and committed to their WASSCE preparations.

Don't waste more than 2 hours in a group study. Leave any group that is not serious but full of destruction.

#5: Ask questions

It is never too late to develop the habit of asking questions. Don't be too stressed looking for answers to any question or points that overwhelms you.

Quickly ask your teacher or any well-performing classmate to help you understand that question or topic.

Don't waste your time, money and effort hopping from place to place looking for APOR.

The best ever APOR you will get are right before you: past questions, your notebook, your textbook, study groups and asking questions.

On this note, the whole team at wishes all WASSCE candidates God's speed and favour.

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Contributor: py sosu