WASS Most Likely To Win Over Adisadel and St. Peters - NSMQ 2018 Grand Finale.

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In the words of Helen Keller, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence

The grand finale of the National Science and Maths Quiz, NSMQ 2018 is finally few hours away, which will take place at the National Theatre on 5th July, 2018 at 9:30am.

In total, 135 schools were slated for this year’s contest. And as fate will always have it, all but three of these schools, Adisadel College, West Africa SHS and St. Peters SHS, have kept their candles flaming to the grand finale.

West African SHS by far, among the finalist, comes into this stage with some exciting stuffs that myshsrank.ocm will like to throw light on, to project a WASS victory come 5th July, without prejudice to the other contending schools.

This is purely an expression of the euphoria that WASS, have left with many supporters and admirers of the NSMQ. This is a school many, prior to the finale, would have strongly considered “underdogs”.


WASS have had an amazing performance right from the onset, starting its show during the one-eight stage, as a seeded school from their sterling performance in 2017.

At the one-eight stage they scored one of the highest point of 62 when they came face to face with Konongo Odumase SHS and Kadjebi-Asato SHS.

Two other schools St. Peters SHS and Prempeh College, whom they would knockout later in semi-finals, also scored the same point.

Again, in the quarter finals West Africa SHS knocked out Tamale SHS and Kumasi SHTS in one of such an exciting contest. Their 59pts turned out to be the third highest for the quarter finals.

Prempeh College entered the semi-finals, not only as the favourite but with the highest point of 67, which by far is the highest in the entire contest. But this never scared the indefatigable Abdul Hameed and Sahene of WASS.

In a rather euphoric semi-finals WASS silenced the defending champions – the 2017 winners, Prempeh College, sending shock waves not only to the Amanfoɔ fraternity but every admirer of the NSMQ.

Prempeh College NSMQ 2018

This is where the Wassarians asked the black panther question, “Amanfoɔ is this your Prempeh”

In all their preceding contests one thing was clear, if you indeed watched the West Africa SHS contests, Abdul Hameed and Sahene are very determined, focused and resilient.

As the final smackdown stage is set, below is a summary of the reasons the day may hugely end as a West Africa SHS Victory:

  1. The continues amazing and resilient performance of Abdul Hameed and Sahene
  2. The super experience of the two contestants as they were the same contestants for the 2017 NSMQ
  3. Huge anti-Adisadel and anti-St. Peters rivalry support and prayers for WASS
  4. Finally taking que from the ongoing 2018 FIFA world cup where all the big names have bowed out.

St. Peters SHS NSMQ 2018

St. Peters SHS, a giant, have won the championship on two occasions, in the year 2000 and 2005. And Adisadel College took the bragging right recently in 2016.

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Meanwhile, Adisadel College have in a row reached the finals for four consecutive times in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. And will leave no stone unturned possibly.

Adisadel College NSMQ 2018

Hearts and emotions must be prepared for the final smackdown! The euphoria will be unprecedented.

Is it an Adisadel or St. Peters or West Africa SHS Victory? May the best school win!

Congratulations to all the finalist in advance, it is by your brainy display do we all take glory and fame.

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Source: myshsrank | Prosper Sosu

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