WA SHS Students Prototyped Water Level Indicator

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Alhassan Bashiru and Zelekuu Daniel all of WA SHS presented an inventive project they called Water Level Indicator, at the just ended Sci-Tech fair organized by Primetime.

The Water Level Indicator prototype, though looks very simple is much intuitive and built solidly on the principles of STEM which makes it so important.

The purpose of the project is to help households, and even companies to converse water and avoid wastage as in most cases water tanks overflow during the filling process.

Using science and technology to solve this problem, these two WA SHS students based their project on the workings of a simple transistor, a circuit, and with the hypothesis of the electricity conductivity of water, which together will help to indicate the water level in the tank as it increases in volume.

According to the duo, when the tank gets filled an alert is given to show a particular level along the filling process. And in all four levels were created: low, medium, high and highest.

The Principle:

In this circuit, the transistors are used as switches varying the base emitter voltages. This is achieved by the connection between M2, M3, M4, and M5 with M1 as the ground. This circuit will indicate four levels of water in the tank.

The connection between M1 and any other metal contact forms the base emitter connection for any of the transistors, and when voltage is applied the transistor is turned on.

Alhassan Bashiru further explained to myshsrank that, when the tank is empty there is no connection therefore all the transistors are off.

And also, when the water reaches M2 there is a connection between M1 and M2 therefore current passes through the transistor Tr1 and the collector current switches on the RED LED. And a similar situation arises for the other four transistors with their respective colour LED.

He concluded that, to show that the tank is full a buzzer is connected to the output of Tr3 to indicate this situation.

Materials Used included: NPN Transistor, 3 LED and one buzzer, Resistor, 4 Metal contacts.

Congratulation to the boys from WA SHS and myshsrank encourages you to keep building your strength in STEM.

The Sci – Tech Fair is the 2nd Edition organised by Primetime, the organizers of the National Science & Maths Quiz with the 2018 NSMQ starting fervently with the first series of contest Monday June 11, 2018.

Source: myshsrank | Prosper Sosu

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