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KNUST Vclass is a shared online space where learners and teachers work together to achieve a result and eliminate the barrier of distance. It eliminates the tendency to halt learning based on several happenings around.

What is KNUST e-learning?

KNUST e-learning is a platform that enables electronic learning. It allows students to learn online all the things they would have normally learned in the classroom's four walls. Several schools have been forced to close down due to the pandemic's upsurge and had no choice but to harness the opportunity of an online platform to make up for the affected period and complete the academic calendar.

KNUST AIM app: Download latest version, registration, features, how to use The virtual classroom's significant feature is that the learning takes place in a live, synchronous setting. Students can connect from wherever as long as they have a stable internet connection and a good device to connect with. Students can also present course materials, engage and interact with their colleagues, and work in groups together. Specifically, through the online learning platform, you can attend classes, take examinations, collaborate, and interact with fellow students through chats and video conferences. There are also electronic learning resources that you can access from the comfort of your home, among other things. In fact, the Vclass KNUST NIMS classes are another opportunity that you can access.

How to access KNUST Vclass

KNUST uses the virtual classroom as a free and open-source learning management platform for students to access the online class using the provided link. However, while access to the class is not automatic, every student is expected to have preregistered to access the platform. You need a functional email, a unique username, and a password to register.

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