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The B.A. Sport and Physical Culture Studies programme places sport management at the centre ofits course-of-study and prepares students to manage and administer sports—from the big leagues to local programs and everything in between.


• Provide opportunities for students to develop the self-reliant, flexibility and adaptability attributes necessary survive in the complex sport industry.

• Train students to be creative, innovative and be able to forge future orientation.

• Develop the capacity of students to use ICT to enhance the management of sports in Ghana

• Develop ability to recognize opportunities, take risks with comfort, think critically and solve problems.

• Develop a comprehensive set of skills including marketing, fundraising, finance, facilities, and research for the sport management field.

• Develop understanding of the societal, ethical, and philosophical perspectives related to sport organizations and employee and athlete behavior within sport organizations.


In Ghana, effective leadership in sport, physical activity, recreation and physical fitness for all persons does not exist. The B.A. Sport & Physical Culture Studies programme is thoughtfully designed to produce graduates with high competence to bridge this gap in the physical activity and sport industry.


Student assessment heavily based on industry attachments that are developmentally sequenced across the period of professional training


Class discussions, presentations, seminars and workshops


As a graduate of one of the first sport management programmes in Ghana, you’ll join the new cadre of sport managers and administrators who will impact the growth of the sport industry in Ghana. With the B.A. Sport & Physical Culture Studies degree you can find numerous job opportunities in areas such as:

• Professional/ Amateur sports

• League operations

• Sport agencies

• District/Municipal recreation and sports

• Manufacturing of equipment and supplies

• Sport merchandising and service organizations

• Sports news media

• Health, wellness and fitness activities

• Recreation, hotel operations & Tourism

• Specialised sport resorts

• District/Regional Sport Organizer

• Fitness Club Manager

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