St. Louis Girls SHS Eliminates Kumasi High and Armed Forces SHTS-NSMQ 2018

myshsrank | June 21, 2018 |

Wednesday 20th June 2018, brought into action the 7th one-eight stage contest of the ongoing National Science and Math quiz which is getting more nerve racking and setting the emotional tone for the quarter finals of the contest.

The 7th one-eight contest featured St. Louis SHS, Kumasi High School and Armed Forces SHTS, which undoubtedly was one of the hottest contests so far. It sparked a lot of emotions and good feelings.

This contest was regarded as a “Kumasi Affair ” because all three schools happened to come from Kumasi in the Ashanti region.


NSMQ Contest Kumasi Affairs

St. Louis SHS, which is all girls school managed to bully their other two contenders Kumasi High School and Armed Forces SHTS.

However, the contest especially between St. Louis and Kumasi High School was very close causing the audiences from both sides to be seating on tenterhooks.

At the end of round one, Kumasi High School flexed their muscle by taking an early lead with 16pts, leaving St. Louis with 14pts while Armed Forces managed 7pts.

Kumasi SHTS

By the end of the second round, the girls SHS had given the other schools a hot contest leading with 27pts leaving Kumasi High with a point difference of 7 while Armed Forces SHTS remained at the initial point.

At the fourth round the stakes became higher and the tenterhooks stronger and the prayers were not left out.  

Kumasi SHTS Prayer

The round ended with a tie of 37pts between St. Louis SHS and Kumasi High School. Armed Forces SHTS had increased their performance to 18pts.

Armed Forces SHS

Then came the round of riddles which will spark up the emotions and finally caused the girls to sail through.

So interestingly there was a tie along the way in the riddles but as fate will have it Kumasi High School picks the last riddle but had it wrongly answered pushing it to the advantage of St. Louis SHS who answered breaking the tie.

Pearl Owusuaa Adjei of the St. Louis team’s answer threw their supporters and sympathizers into an ambiance jubilation.

St. Louis SHS

At the end of the contest St. Louis SHS scored 43pts as against 40pts for Kumasi High School, and Armed Forces SHTS 21pts.

Congratulations to all the contestants from both schools. Great show of brains!

St. Louis qualified to the quarter finals next after Aburi Girls’ SHS.

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Source: myshsrank | Prosper Sosu

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