NSMQ Group Of Crack: Will SONRISE SHS Beat AGGREY To The Quarter Finals

myshsrank | June 18, 2018 |

The one-eight stage of the national science and maths quiz promises nothing but a more hot and tensed contests, with a lot of surprises likely to surface just as it was witnessed in some of the prelim contests.

Myshsrank.com is glad no school can be underrated anymore.

The balloting has been done amidst a lot of panic, predictions and prayers in the presence of an elated audience in the Amegashie Audorium of the University of Ghana Business School.

One of the fixtures that aroused the interesting and resounding reactions at the auditorium was that of contest number 12 which fixtures Sonrise SHS, Aggrey and Kumasi SHTS, which will be held on Monday, 25th June 2018 at the UGBS.

Sonrise SHS Contestants NSMQ

Sonrise SHS, the first timers in the competition posted a surprise by defeating the giant of Opoku Ware SHS with 49 points as against 46 points, and it has given them a wide spectrum of expectance and admiration from a lot of people following the NSMQ event.

However, Aggrey Memorial SHS is one of the veterans of the NSMQ who falls under the category of “veterans without a win yet”.

The question is will SONRISE SHS continue the surprise as they battle with Aggrey Memorial to occupy a place at the quarter finals?

Making it to the one-eight stage Kumasi SHTS came from the list of 18 schools with a point of 29, while Aggrey was one of the seeded schools as well.

Kumasi SHTS Contestants NSMQ

The performance of “some unnoticed SHS” and first timers has made the competition unpredictable and hence any school can pull surprises as the competition reaches its peak of emotions and hard-crack.

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