NSMQ 5-Time Winners, PRESEC Legon Boys Faces Yaa Asantewaa Girls In The 1/8th Stage

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The nerve racking national science and math quiz for this year 2018 has change gear to the one-eight stage, which obviously is one of the hottest stages of the competition where mostly the big names in SHS comes face to face with each other.

And whether desirable or not one is definitely knocked out of the contest packing their bags back home.

On Monday 18th June 2018, PRESEC Legon boys will have to battle it out with yet another big name Yaa Asantewaa Girls and Presby SHS, Nkwatia as the 3rd contest for the day and the one-eight stage.

PRESEC Legon has won the NSMQ Championship for 5 good times in the years: 1995, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, making them the overall best winners of the contest so far since its inception in 1994.

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Yaa Asantewaa Girls SHS

On the other hand, Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS can be considered as one of the veterans but have failed to win any of the contest, which is not peculiar to them alone but interestingly no other girls’ SHS has ever won the contest.

Will Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS triumph over the ƆDADEƸ boys and Presby SHS Nkwatia, to push a step further to winning the 2018 NSMQ contest as the first ever girls’ SHS to win?

Presby SHS Nkwatia is, also by no means an easy walk over since they won their prelim contest, and more especially when we know surprises are bound to happen, just as Sonrise SHS pulled out a surprise by beating Opoku Ware SHS with 49 points at the prelim stage.

Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS won their prelim contest with 44 points, Presby SHS Nkwatia won with 28 points while PRESEC was one of the seeded schools.

The PRESEC boys, Yaa Asantewaa Girls and Presby SHS, Nkwatia contest is one that Myshsrank also refers to as a contest of single sex school against mixed sex school.

The one-eight stage contest takes place at the UGBS on university of Ghana main campus.

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Another clash of titans in this round of the contest is Adisadel College vs Osei Tutu SHS vs Ola SHS, Ho.

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