NSMQ 2019: PRESEC dazzles Adisadel College & Opoku Ware SHs to finals

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The stakes were high, and it was a lock of horns of the strongest.

It is the blue magicians, the PRESECANS, the ↃDADƐA. They are the top winners of the NSMQ since its inception, winning it for five good times.

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The atmosphere at the Amegashie Auditorium was electrifying, completely packed to the brim and with overflows outside the main hall.

nsmq 2019 semi finals fixtures

All three schools were fully represented, they chanted their spirit-filled songs, those songs that make you die for your school and no other. The songs that make you super high to defend, in short, huge eustress filled the moment.

At the end of the 2nd round PRESEC had taken a huge leap with the scores being:

PRESEC Legon – 32pts
Opoku Ware School – 18pts
Adisadel College – 15pts

nsmq 2019 semi finals fixtures

The true/ false round was a back to back, with all schools being extra careful not to answer wrongly because it was costly with a penalty point. However, Adisadel College broke the silence answering some wrongly. 

For all three schools to score zero for the problem of the day, and as the quiz mistress said they didn’t take time to answer the questions properly, tells how much tension had lingered in the auditorium. 

At the end of the 5th round PRESEC widen the gap to with win for the finals and the scores was:

PRESEC Legon – 48pts
Opoku Ware School – 31pts
Adisadel College – 34pts

nsmq 2019 semi finals fixtures

This fixture of the contest was so hard and huge since all three Senior high schools have won the NSMQ championship titles before and were in for a win at all cost.

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The grand finale of NSMQ 2019 comes off on 11th July at the National Theatre.

congratulations to all the contestants, their performance was splendid!

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Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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