NSMQ 2019: Prempeh College Escape Near Defeat In One-Eight Stage

myshsrank | June 29, 2019 |

Four times NSMQ champions, Prempeh College nearly had their 5th title campaign abruptly ended by their fixture with Labone and Atebubu SHS, as the scores shows.

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At the end of the 1st round, the scores spoke volume and were scary especially for the Amanfo fraternity. It ended with the points:


Prempeh College – 11pts
Labone SHS – 10pts
Atebubu SHS – 8pts

Prempeh College NSMQ 2019

Into the 2nd round, which attracts a penalty point, the moment was filled with panic and it was clear the Amanfo supporters sat more on tenterhooks with a panting heart, as their boys had answered wrongly two questions in a row.

However, the 2nd round ended with a marginal increase in their scores:

Prempeh College – 15pts
Labone SHS – 10pts
Atebubu SHS – 7pts

A great and pruLife perfect score of 10pts for the problem of the day could have relief the heart-panting, however, all three schools scored no mark.

Prempeh College NSMQ 2019

In the final round, Prempeh pulled a trigger answering the 1st riddle on the third clue for 3 pts, while Atebubu answered the 2nd riddle also for 3 pts.  All three schools provided wrong answers for the 3rd riddle which brought a bit of relief to the Amanfo.

Labone SHS answers the last riddle on the last clue to secure 3pts but wasn’t just enough to snatch the quarter-final’s slot from Prempeh College.

Congratulations to all contestants for it is by the show of their brainy prowess do we all take pride.

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Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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