NSMQ 2019: New Juaben SHS Loses Seeded Slot to Ghana SHS Tamale in One-Eight Stage

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Once a school loses its seeded slot it has a herculean task to start their next NSMQ campaign all over again from the regionals.

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New Juaben SHS has for two consecutive contest, 2017 and 2018, fought hard to remind in the enviable seeded slot but had to dash out that hope and give up their slot to Ghana SHS, Tamale in a very close and hot contest in the one-eight stage of NSMQ 2019.

At the end of the first round the scores:

Ghana SHS – Tamale: 15pts
Armed Forces: 10pts
New Juaben SHS: 8pts

NSMQ 2019 new juaben shs

The ‘problem of the day’ didn’t go well for the Njuasco team as they scored no point, which is not new anyway in the contest.

The Njuasco team marshaled their forces to close the gap by the end of the 4th round with scores:

Ghana SHS – Tamale: 33pts
Armed Forces: 28pts
New Juaben SHS: 22pts

But just as fate will have it Ghana SHS Tamale pulled out as winners with 37pts as against Armed forces 28 and New Juaben’s 25 points respectively.

nsmq 2019 armed forces shts

Congratulations to all the contestants, it is by the show of your brainy prowess do we all take pride.

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Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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