NSMQ 2019: List of Girls’ Senior High Schools that qualified

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The national science and math quiz by far is the best academic contest that has over the years evolved and gotten massive support and interest of various stakeholders and the Ghanaian populace at large.

For the past 25 years, the organizers and the ministry of education have kept the momentum and ensured that this show promotes love for science and math, just as was the intention of the founding founders of the idea.

Ola Girls Senior High School NSMQ 2019

Each year there a number of all girls or female Senior high schools that make it to the national stage of the contest.

In NSMQ 2019 a total of 11 Girls’ SHS made it into the contest.

The table below shows the name of the school and the region:

St. Louis SHS Ashanti
Notre Dame Girls' SHS B.A
Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Girls' SHS B.A
Holy Child School Central
Wesley Girls' High School Central
Aburi Girls' SHS Eastern
Bolgatanga Girls' SHS Upper East
E.P.C Mawuko Girls' SHS Volta
Ola Senior High School Volta
Ahantaman Girls' SHS Western
Archbishop Porter Girls' SHS Western

Five of out of the 11 Girls' SHS were seeded schools from NSMQ 2018, and have all lost their seeded slot except Wesley Girl’s Senior High who qualified to the semi-finals at the time of this writing this article.

EPC Mawuko Girls NSMQ 2019

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Those seeded from last year contest were:

Aburi Girls’ SHS
Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS
Holy Child School
St. Louis SHS
Wesley Girls’ High School

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