NSMQ 2019: Achimota School Knocks Out Aquinas To Claim Slot In Quarter-Finals

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It was more or less a Greater Accra supremacy battle as Achimota and Aquinas lock horns in the one-eight stage with Nkwatia Presby SHS being the mediator.

Achimota and Aquinas have all been NSMQ champions, with MoTown claiming two titles and Aquinas winning the 2013 NSMQ.

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Their contest was a real clash of titans as all three schools ended up leading at the end of each round in turns.

Achimoa School NSMQ 2019

It was Achimota School that took the initial lead at the end of the 1st round with a very marginal lead as shown in the scores:

Achimota school – 18
St. Thomas Aquinas – 14
Nkwatia Presby SHS – 12

Nkwatia Presby SHS dominated the 2nd round pulling shoulder to shoulder with Achimota to end the round on top as the score shows:

Nkwatia Presby SHS – 19
Achimota School – 18
St. Thomas Aquinas – 16

St. Thomas Aquinas SHS NSMQ 2019

Into the 4th round, which is the true or false stage, St. Thomas Aquinas tilted the table and pushes the contest even more into a tighter race by ending the round with a lead.

St. Thomas Aquinas - 28
Achimota School – 25
Nkwatia Presby SHS – 24

It was a real hard nut to crack for all three schools judging from their scores but it was finally decided in the final round of riddles where Achimota prevailed by answering 2 out of the 4 riddles correctly while the other 2 riddles were wrongly attempted by all three schools.

St. Thomas Aquinas NSMQ 2019

Motown’s win also means they have taken over the seeded slot from St. Thomas Aquinas who have the task to begin NSMQ 2020 campaign from the scratch at the regionals.

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St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the 2017 NSMQ finalists where they nearly terminated Prempeh’s victory, drawing huge support and admiration across.

The final scores for the contest were:

Achimota school – 31
St. Thomas Aquinas – 28
Nkwatia Presby SHS – 24

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Congratulations to all contestants for it is by the show of their brainy prowess do we all take pride.

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Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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