NSMQ 2019: Aburi Girls Failed To Follow Wey Gey Hey To Quarter-Finals

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Aburi Girls’ SHS featured in the 16th contest of the one-eight stage of the ongoing NSMQ. They came into this year’s contest as a seeded school from the previous year. Making it as a seeded school for two consecutive years.

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They were pitched against Kpando SHS and Kumasi High School. However, their performance in this season wasn’t very much impressive according to pundits especially compared to their 2018 NSMQ exploits.

Kpando SHS NSMQ 2019

Kpando SHS secured a resounding victory over them at the end of the contest with the following points:

Kpando SHS – 45pts
Kumasi High School – 31pts
Aburi Girls’ SHS – 15pts

Clearly, this year wasn’t theirs, we wish them better luck next year for NSMQ 2020.

Kpando SHS Aburi Girls NSMQ 2019

Their loss also means they will begin next year’s NSMQ campaign from scratch at the regionals.

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Source: Prosper Sosu | myshsrank

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