Meet 18-year-old black girl without arms who made it into the US army cadet

myshsrank | January 8, 2021 |

A 18-year-old African-American girl named Donavia Walker from Florida who was born with a rare condition called Bilateral Amelia, has successfully made it into the US army cadet.I

t is reported that the program was originally created as part of the National Defense Act of 1916 and later expanded under the 1964 ROTC Vitalization Act. Sergeant Major Rudy Carter, a retired US Army officer who has served as an instructor to the young lady revealed that he is greatly inspired by the relentlessness, hard work and success of the young black girl.

In the Sergeant's own words, “Every day that I see her walk through my classroom is a day that I realize that when I get up in the morning there is nothing that should limit me or nothing should hold me back".


Source: yen

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