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An extremely wealthy man invited his high school friends to his big estate for a reunion.

Aside from being extremely wealthy, he is also extremely arrogant and prideful. As he welcomed his friends to his house, he gave them a tour of his estate, showing his cars, helicopters, private jets, and even his own yacht, all the while bragging about all his assets and wealth. Finally, at the end of the tour, he showed his friends his most infamous collection, a miniature of Amazon jungle complete with a straight pool filled with piranhas and alligators.

The man then said to them, “Tell you what, if any one of you dared to jump into the pool and swam all the way to the other side, I’ll give all of you my all money.”

His friends stay quiet, all the while looking down. Enjoying the defeated looks of his friends, the man once more proclaimed, “Okay, how about I’ll give you my money, and this estate.”

Still, silence amongst his friends. “I'll give you all my money, my estate, and all my properties.”


The man, finally too full of himself, said to his friends one last time, “I’ll give you all my assets and everything you want from me.”

Crickets chirp.

The man, feeling victorious, said, “so be it then”. He turned back to lead his friends back inside the house when suddenly he hears a splashing sound. He turned around to see one of his friends swimming down the pool. He knows this man, his name is Sam. He was the most physically fit of all his high school friends yet also the quietest one.

The man watches as Sam swims while fighting all the alligators and piranhas just like in an action movie. He kicked and bit and punched all the alligators and piranhas that are trying to kill him. When he reached mid-point, the others cheer loudly for him. When he’s near the edge of the pool, the wealthy man became nervous and got a cold sweat. Finally, when Sam reached the edge of the pool and climbed up, others start to shout and jumped around.

The wealthy man sighed in defeat. He walked to Sam and asked him, “my friend, what you just did is nothing short of a miracle. Do tell me, what do you want from me? Is it my money that you want?”

Sam, panting, simply shakes his head.

“Is it my estate and all my properties that you want?”

Sam, still panting, again shakes his head.

“Is it all my assets and all my wealth that you want?”

Sam, about to get his breath back, once more shakes his head.

The wealthy man is now confused and he asked Sam, “Tell me then, what is it that you want?” and upon hearing this question, Sam replied,

“I want to know who the fuck pushed me”

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