Lady becomes mechanic, celebrates her big fulfilment with cake


myshsrank * December 16, 2020 * 24

 A young lady, Lelloh Sithole, has celebrated herself massively after achieving her dream of being a mechanic. In a LinkedIn post, the lady happily said that she is now a qualified "diesel mechanic", telling people that she is very proud of what she just achieved. She posted a picture of herself in work garb with a cake that wished her a happy birthday and congratulating her for being a certified mechanic. Many people massively celebrated her victory as they said it is really a wonderful thing when women break boundaries and make headway in fields considered to be male-dominated.

Celeste Polley said: "Congratulations, Lelloh! I just love seeing female mechanical technicians emerging. I’m not qualified but I service my own vehicle, as I find it hard to trust male mechanics. They all seem to think women are clueless with regards to mechanics, and therefore make the mistake of trying to deceive me."

Porter Banks said: "Keep striving and don't let anyone discourage you from your dreams! I am proud of you! Most women would have not chosen your career path!".

Source: yen

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