How to be a Productive Student during the Lockdown

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Quarantine/homestay are unpleasant realities of our lives especially during this pandemic - COVID 19.

 Indeed, it's thrilling having all the free time at your disposal but will eventually turn overwhelming. It is imperative to use this time wisely instead of just wallowing away.

Time is one thing that once spent, can never be earned back, and something that cannot be earned back is not spent; it is rather invested. Below, are some of the productive time investing ideas for students stuck in lockdown:

1. Learn to cook: It is a lifesaving skill guys. The most significant hurdle any student faces when migrating is meeting their dietary needs especially when in school, because the majority of us don't know how to cook. Taking this time to learn how to cook will save you some future expenditure, keep you healthy and even make you less homesick and can be a life saver in times like today if you are stuck without help. You do not have to learn to cook gourmet food, but you can get started on your favorite dishes.

2. Study ahead: It would be very beneficial for students to get in touch with either their teachers, lecturers or even seniors in school or college to acclimatize with the topics that are going to be covered or get any idea about what books to refer. Getting a start ahead on your studies will not only help you in keeping up with your curriculum but will also free up some time for you to make some new friends or do some extracurricular activities. High school students can utilize their free time to watch virtual programs on Ghana Learning TV (GL TV) - which is a dedicated channel for students in the JHS and SHS level or you can also visit to study online.

3. Pick up a hobby: It's an excellent way to stay stress-free and also to pass one's free time. Sometimes hobbies can prove to be a whole other skill set too. Thanks to technology today, a lot can be learned from within the comforts of our homes. Learn how to play a musical instrument, learn to write, brush up your photography skills, learn to design and edit videos/photos, or you may even learn to bake or any other hobby you can think of.

4. Learn a new skill: Students can take this time to learn a new set of skills which will prepare them for not only the jobs they have ahead but will also help improve your resume and wider acceptability. There are a plethora of online courses which can be easily attended even in these difficult times. Students can choose to learn to code, SEO/Google Analytics/Google Digital Marketing, personal finance planning, creative writing, and so much more.

5. Rest/Sleep: Everyone knows stress and boredom can cause you to lose sleep but that is the perfect time to get enough rest for yourself. This vicious cycle causes the brain and body to relax and have enough rest. Make sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep. This will enable you to build a stronger immune system and help you stay focus throughout the day.

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