Do Freshers’ Night Always Have To Be A Bully?

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The sentiment attached to this form of welcoming event for “new-comers” tear me apart anytime I thought about boarding school. Being part of “NINOS” (a jargon in SHS) has been a whole controversy to uncover.

The motive of the program is to officially welcome students in a unique way. Recalling on memories, it’s a night reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly. The culture instigated through the promotion of ethnocentrism by our first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The weird and obscure way some freshers are been dressed portrays the disappointment and renewal of our thought to a new institution. Passing through this experience sometimes makes you defend your school at all cost. After all it was a nice-story-telling experience.

The exciting moment of NINOS is experienced only once in a life time in senior high school. It involves the maturity of the mind from the basic cycle to the secondary cycle.

A night where talents are discovered in singing, rap, dance, fashion, creativity display and a whole lot. To the ladies, you could remember when they used pillows at their but, powder on the faces and some weird make ups.

Looking at this picture taken under the footage of “Ninos” night some years back after SHS looks very funny.

However, there are some odd memories for some students where some seniors abuse the opportunity to intensely bully innocent “ninos”, making the moment a sorrowful one for some.

Due to these bullies, some schools have actually banned this all fun and rare entertaining evening encounter.

But as far as this event creates the platform to discover new talents among our “ninos” in those schools where it is mostly devoid of bullying, it’s worth saying that the “ninos” or Freshers night is not always a bully but rather a unique fresh moment for talent discovery.

Maybe some of the big music names had their first discovery from the “ninos” or freshers night platform.

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