Abraham Ackom: Meet the 63-year-old man who fills potholes after selling coconuts to survive


myshsrank | December 14, 2020 |

A 63-year-old resident of Lakeside in Accra, Abraham Ackom's selfless act of patriotism has caught attention. As a firm believer in offering one's self to assist the authorities in developing the nation, Ackom is offering help by filling potholes in his neighbourhood. He is a professional carpenter but now sells coconut to survive. He also lends his time to filling potholes to help develop the country.

After a day's hard work as a coconut seller, Ackom proceeds to fill the potholes in his area. ''Some people give me money while others praise me for my good work,'' he disclosed. Despite the daunting nature of filling the potholes, he said he doesn't expect to be paid by anyone because he does not consider it as a job. Ackom has travelled several times to Nigerian in search for greener pastures. His first visit to the West African country was in 1981.

Source: yen

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