30th Edition of Sexual Purity Campaign by Passion Bearers at Domenase Kyeakor.

myshsrank | March 26, 2019 |


Passion-Bearers, a youth organization with the mandate to raise the youth to become Godly and relevant held their 30th Sexual Purity Campaign at Domenase Kyeakor in the Central region of Ghana. Dated on the 23rd March 2019 the passion-bearers held their 30th sexual campaign at the central region for the project beneficiaries of compassion Ghana.

Min. John Bosco, the Executive Director of the organization, and Ms.Victoria Awuah, the coordinator of the campaign during their presentations, admonished the students to be mindful of their lifestyles today, saying "there is no future than that which you create today". They added that their lifestyles should resonate with their aspirations for the future because dreams can be aborted.

After having a series of interactions with the students, they became confident of their virginity and saw it as prestige to live a pure sexual.

life. They did not end the sections without prayers when they engaged in serious prayer time with the student as they pray for their school and asking God to help them live a chaste life. The school administration expressed their gratitude to the organization for making it and coming to impact their students.


You may reach them on their email: passionbearers@gmail.com



Source: Myshsrank | Matey Bless