Mixed school



Region: Greater Accra Region

District: Accra Metro

Locality: High Street-Accra


Estimated Population: N/A


No. of Houses:


The school was established in October 1969. In August 1962, one Mr. Sam Amayih, a then Senior Tutor of the Anglican Training College, Kumasi was moved to Accra to succeed one Mr. E.f Laing, who was on the verge to retire as the General Manager of the Anglican Education Unit. Mr. Laing informed Mr. Sam Amavih about his late brother George Laing, then Provost of the Cathedral plan to start a school for the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church. Mr. Laing knew Mr. Sam Amavih was the best person to start the school since he had had so much experience with schools and colleges. Mt Sam-Amavih agreed to undertake that task to start the school. Happily, the then Bishop of Accra, Rt. Rev. I. S. M. Le Maire and Rt. Rev Bishop A. K. Nelson, Assistant Bishop and Provost of the Cathedral and he Parochial Council of the Cathedral, embraced the idea and were set to offer assistance