General Arts Course in SHS

Descriptions, elective subjects, and future paths to consider after SHS.

What is General Arts course?

General Arts is one of the most popular courses taught in senior high schools across Ghana, which has over the years seen more enrollments than any other course or programme.

It deals with the humanities (also referred to as the social sciences). The elective subjects taught deal predominantly with issues, life, and the culture of society and country.

The subjects span from broad areas such as governance, politics, journalism and media, social life etc.

Future Study Path:

Having successfully completed SHS taking General Arts, you are more likely to pursue further study in university or any tertiary institutions in the following:

  • Political science
  • Government
  • Geography
  • Sociology 
  • Journalism, communication, and media studies
  • Philosophy and classics 
  • Performing art and theatre studies

There is a host more. These will largely determine your carry path as well, though not always the case. As it is possible for a General Arts student to pursue nursing after SHS.

Elective subjects

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Government