YEA portal 2020: registration, vacancies, recruitment, salary, renewal

The youth are agents of change, leading to improved social conditions and poverty eradication if given the right platform. Educational attainment and skill retainment are all integral in creating the ideal socio-economic status of a nation. This emanates from a youth population that has been afforded the opportunity. That is why the YEA portal (Youth Employment Agency) is beneficial to Ghanaians. The body was created with the mandate of overseeing the development, coordination, supervision and facilitation of employment for Ghanaian youths. Would you like to know how to utilize the beneficial portal?

The Youth Employment Ghana Registration process is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is to access the platform and follow all instructions to complete your application. This gateway is one among other sophisticated platforms that have been availed by the government to ease service delivery. It is the government's way of using technology to better the lives of its citizens, especially the youth.

YEA portal registration Since the Youth Employment Agency's objective is to empower the youth via skills training and internship modules, they have created a seamless platform to facilitate easy access. And everyone can go for any national youth employment program after a successful registration.

The registration process If you want to register for YEA, you ought to follow the following steps: Visit the official website, and browse the preferred module you desire. You can also check out the artisan directory, job centre, flagship and work abroad programmes. If you are interested in getting a job, click the "job centre" tab at the YEA portal, it will redirect you to the platform. Here, you can fill the online registration form for job seekers. Every module has its registration form and period of application. If the "register for this module" link is active, it will direct you to a page whereby you can complete your registration.

YEA District offices also provide registration centres for applicants that cannot access the internet to complete their registration and application. Once successfully filled, print out the form, attach all relevant documentation like your passport, and copy of national identification and submit at your district's YEA office. 


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