myshsrank * May 29, 2019 * 16

A very great man of God Archbishop Duncan Williams of Action Chapel visited the okuapeman senior high school last Sunday. His visit was to worship with the student during their church service. “There was a strong move of the Holy spirit,” he said. His message delivered was entitled “Preparation wins”.

Archbishop Duncan William said in life, everyone can be big overnight but not great, to be great takes patience, preparation, endurance, hard work, and process.

He further said greatness has nothing to do with material things but what you have tested and survived in life. He also mentioned in his message that when preparation meets opportunity there is a success and that fame is instant but greatness come through the process of time.

His message encouraged many students and He ended his message with Psalm 1 and encouraged the student to prepare ahead of time to be able to be successful.

Source: Myshsrank | Deborah Agyeiwaa Boateng