One of the weirdest things just happened in the world and it is about a man who turned a coffin into a car and cruised in the town with it to the amazement of the people. The man dressed up in a gangster style and was seen refilling the tank of his coffin car. People couldn’t believe their eyes when he jumped into it and drove away in a Roll Royce car.

This could be one of the biggest innovations in the world but the question is, can you ride in this car? As students, we need to think of things which are out of imagination. Your innovative idea may look weird but you need to focus on it and work harder for your idea to be accepted by the society. It is very good to be innovative so you must consider the society and seek to it that your innovation must be a solution to a particular problem.

The mini coffin-vehicle is a casket fitted with wheels and an engine which needs to be filled with a gas. The amazing aspect about this vehicle is that it actually runs. But due to the choice of design, this may look weird to the society because of the symbols of a coffin. Meanwhile his innovation could be a solution to a problem faced by the society.